Miss Charlie's Thanksgiving Holiday at The Grand Royal dogger Hotel


Day 1 - November 22, 2016


PARK SLOPE - With the Thanksgiving Holidays upon us, the fabulous Miss Charlie C. has jetted off on a five-star holiday at The Royal Grand dogger Hotel, in Park Slope Brooklyn. Charlie arrived on the grand steps of the famous canine luxury resort early Tuesday morning, drawing the attention of dozens of paparazzi and thrilling millions of Instagram followers, TMZ sources reported. With her white gloved minder, and her Fendi Printed Faux Textured-Iron Travel Trolley in tow, Charlie turned to the paparazzi, and winked mysteriously before gracefully bounding inside.

The hotel, which 19th century Emperor Napoleon III and his dog Eugenie de Montijo used as their autumn palace, is described as "a hotel rich in memories, style and history".

The Royal Grand dogger Hotel Credo is as follows:

  • We provide the finest personal service and facilities for our dog guests who will always enjoy a warm, relaxed, yet refined ambience.
  • This is not “boarding” or a “kennel”. We treat each over-night dog guest as though they were family.


After checking in, Charlie thoroughly inspected the luxury premises and released a press release that she was "delighted by the Gold Standards to which she has become accustomed to." 

In particular, she was very pleased with the opulent dining salon, which she found "neither passe nor pompous but profoundly elegant, which makes the hotel such a jewel smiled upon by fortune and fashion". 

After some refreshments, it was time to take in the local sights! Accompanying her were two local Ladies-who-lunch, Chloe and Zuzu. 

The Ladies showed Charlie all the fabulous tea shops, jazz clubs, and fine dining spots that the neighborhood of Park Slope has to offer celebrities such as them. The two hour sojourn for Charlie resulted in a solid nap afterwards!


The evening at The Royal Grand dogger Hotel proved a magical experience for Charlie.  The hotel has two restaurants and the resident chef is Logan Ann Burgess who has a Michelin star. Her menu features contemporary, classic cuisine favouring seasonal ingredients and regional products, with touches of inspiration from the rest of the world. 

Charlie noshed on a bowl of moist, tender, and flavorful smoke-dried meat globes, accompanied by a glass of the 2007 Gaja Barbaresco, an Italian red wine famous for its fragrant raspberry notes and incredible poise. A banana flambe desert completed the feast, followed by another walk.

After dinner, Charlie sampled the myriad of high class entertainments The Grand Royal dogger Hotel offers, including classical music, yoga, playing with squishy toys, meeting some of the hotel's long-term residents, having a make-over, and general merriment and social networking.

Nothing short of supreme luxury was due to Charlie for her bedtime. Although initially it was discovered that Charlie's presidential suite was occupied by the maids, after the mixup was resolved, she got to listen to bedtime stories during the turn-down service. 

The luxurious Presidential Suite of the Grand Royal dogger Hotel, which was inspired by a 1940's Hollywood boudoir of glitz and glamour, proved a suitable spot for Charlie to sleep in. Listening to smooth jazz, Charlie sat back, relaxed with L'Occitane amenities, and then drifted off to sleep. 

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