Miss Charlie's Thanksgiving Holiday at The Grand Royal dogger Hotel

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Day 2 - November 23, 2016

Upon waking, Charlie was treated with a bacon brunch, as of course is customary at The Grand Royal dogger Hotel. 

And then it was time to make the social rounds ! She had a one-on-one walk but we ran into so many nice neighbors! So many in fact, that Charlie ran out of business cards. Here she is, meeting neighbors Puck, Henry, Diane, Ian, and Bebop. Everyone fawned over her and could not believe they were meeting her in person. "You exude such glamour I can barely take it!" Said Bebop.

In the afternoon, Charlie entertained a dinner guest - Ollie. They dined, danced, got drunk at the bar, took a midnight stroll in the gardens, and shared a romantic kiss. Then they had a wild party and trashed their hotel room but it was worth it!

Before bed, Charlie and Ollie felt a little bit peckish so they got snacks, and then it was off to bed! Charlie slept in the Presidential Suite again, (i.e., her travel crate), while Ollie slept on a folded up blanket right by her. Sweet dreams!