About Us

dogger is a friendly and professional dog walking and pet sitting service based in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and founded by Ian Burgess and Basia Fabian in 2015. Using GPS based technology, we provide the most on-time, friendly, and reliable walking and sitting service for your little family-members.

All of our dog walkers and caregivers are bonded, insured and certified in Pet First Aid & CPR.

We are in the business of walking with your beloved pet, not just walking your animal! 



The Team

Ian Burgess - Owner

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Founder  - Hailing from Canada where he was raised on ice chips, pine needles and hockey, Ian has been a lifelong dog and cat owner. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, Ian came to NYC and had a 20 year career in the financial industry. In addition, Ian was a trained and certified foster parent to injured, newborn, and difficult dogs and cats for the NYC ASPCA for over 10 years. In this capacity, Ian specialized in preparing and rehabilitating dogs and cats for adoption.  The idea for a top-notch dog walking business was always in the back of his mind throughout these years, and is now finally being brought to fruition!

Ian lives in Park Slope with his partner Basia and their pack of 5 kids. He loves games and grizzly bears.  

Basia Fabian - Owner

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Co-founder and in-house Pet First Aid and CPR instructor. Certified to teach by PET TECH,  where she received extensive training in providing and teaching pet emergency care, Basia ensures all of the dogger staff know how to administer pet first aid and CPR.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania a hundred years ago, Basia spent 20 years doing what she thought was right – corporate jobs for big companies such as Barnes&Noble and Ralph Lauren. But there was never enough time to spend with her rescue dogs Chita, Coco, or Lisa. (Or her children for that matter). And thus a year after her partner Ian started dogger, she happily jumped right in! She's now happier than she's ever been. (And fitter).  

Taylor Argenbright - General Manager

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Taylor is our General Manager, and she is in charge of all the scheduling, walker training, and problem solving. Fate smiled down on us and gave us Taylor just when we needed her most.  Having moved here from Florida in the summer of ‘16,  Taylor leaped into a full walking schedule within record time. She averaged about 100 miles per day in the 100 degree heat last summer. Across 5 different neighborhoods, and using every mode of transportation from train to Citibike to foot. It was amazing and we literally would have died without her.

A talented and classically trained dancer, Taylor has that magical quality of being able to hypnotize the small anxious doggies, the ones who hide under beds and have little freak outs about going out. Though the big scary dogs love her too!   She is Pet First Aid & CPR certified.

Lesley Gurale - Assistant Manager/Dog Trainer in Training

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Lesley is our assistant manager, and she coordinates the schedule, trains new walkers, and supports the more challenging dogs. Originally from Long Beach, CA, she spent time in Texas and Boston collecting various degrees before settling in Brooklyn NY. She is currently apprenticing to become a dog trainer, which is incredible for us because then we don’t feel bad sending her to Those That Bite.

In her spare time she dances tango. No, there are no roses in teeth. She also spends time volunteering at dog shelters such as Sean Casey, and dabbling in kickboxing.

She is Pet First Aid & CPR certified.

Trouble Sidle - The Cooler

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There was a movie in the 80s called The Roadhouse, starring Patrick Swayze. He played the “Cooler” of roadside bar, whose job was to basically keep everybody calm and cool and keep things running smoothly. To stop any fights, deal with the mob, that sort of thing.

Well here at dogger, we have our own “Cooler”. 

His name is Trouble, and he’s our dog. We bring him to dog situations requiring a dog Cooler. He’s awesome.

He is Not Pet First Aid & CPR certified. (Not Yet)

Ben Cruz

dogger’s very first hire back in 2015, Ben is a man of many many talents. He’s a master handler of our more challenging pooches, in-house legal expert and resident comic. When not helping out with the dogger pack (both walking and boarding dogs), Ben is studying the law and performing on the comedy club circuit around NYC. We wish we could multi-task so much!

Raised in South Bend, Indiana, Ben was one of those applicants where we pretty much knew in the first 5 minutes that we would offer him the job. He's reliable, amiable, capable, respectful, and smart. We really scored with him, and the business couldn’t have taken off the way it did without him!

He is Pet First Aid & CPR certified.

Trudi Rosenblum

A true New York City native, Trudi has been a dog walker for 13 years. Think of how many miles she must have walked by now! People pay good money to get that kind of exercise, but for us it’s an awesome lifestyle.

In a prior life, Trudi was a magazine journalist, but after having kids she decided she was happiest being out and about having fun with dogs and cats (just like us!) Currently she lives in Windsor Terrace with her family, and knows the layout of those crazy streets better than anyone else in Brooklyn. We’re so excited to have her joining the dogger family! She’s a real pet professional and we’re so lucky to have her! She is Pet First Aid & CPR certified.

Maggie Toth

Maggie is so badass. She plays bass in a rock band named slim Charles, just back from a whirlwind European tour with the band Vagabon. She can also bike from (her native) Park Slope to Brooklyn Heights in less than 7 minutes, so she might actually be a super hero in disguise. Some of her dogs have mentioned to us that they saw her flying like Superman, but we thought they were kidding. But maybe not! 

She is Pet First Aid & CPR certified.

Adam Grodner

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Adam grew up in Montclair, NJ where he raised a pitt-mix named Gypsy, and volunteered at the local animal shelter. Upon moving to Cobble Hill this year, he worked for another dog walking company, until he saw our youtube video and decided we were cooler and more fun. Yay!

We’re so so lucky to have him! He’s a true dog’s best friend kinda guy, with a heart of gold, and wit and warmth that always brings a smile to our faces.

Not only that, but he also delivers cuddles, kisses, scratchies, and tickles to fuzzy wuzzy tummies and flop floppity ears of all doggies he cares for.

His spirit animal is Spider-Man and he is Pet First Aid & CPR certified.

Jenny Schneider

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A recent graduate of Brooklyn College (with a Psychology degree), A recent graduate of Brooklyn College (with a Psychology degree), Jenny was born and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn. So she really knows the neighborhood. Also, whereas most of our other walkers bike to get around town, Jenny uses a scooter. How cool is that! She also has an interest in photography, and of course doggies. Her favorite is Olive (in the picture).

We’re so glad to have Jenny on the team! She is Pet First Aid & CPR certified.

Aya Nakano

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Aya is also a Brooklyn native, and she recently graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, with BA forensic psychology. She’s planning to become a Veterinary Technician, waiting for the program to be open at LAGCC. She volunteers at the Wild Bird Fund, where there are chickens that wear pants!

Welcome Aya to dogger! She is Pet First Aid & CPR certified.

Andrew Nava

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Andrew is originally from Monterey, CA, but he moved to NYC to pursue acting and music. He graduated from NYCDA in 2018, and is currently attending Juilliard for Vocal training. (We’re impressed!) When he’s not dog walking, he spends time volunteering at the Community Kitchen in West Harlem.

He’s so sweet and lovely and the dogs really love his vibe.  He is Pet First Aid & CPR certified.

Andrew Nicholas

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Lynn is a professional photographer and videographer originally from Connecticut. He shoots concerts, events, portraits and headshots, among other things. You can check out his art on his site swankshots.com. He’s super cool and really good with the fiercest dogs in the dogger pack.

Stephen McCann

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Steve was born in the Untied States, but raised in Ireland. He has studied at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and is pursuing a career as an actor. His love for animals and the outdoors makes dog walking a perfect combo! He’s really terrific with all the difficult dogs. Could it be because of his cool accent? We don’t know but either way the dogs love him.

Raquel Gomez

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Bio coming soon. She is Pet First Aid & CPR certified.

PHONE:  +1 929-324-0364


HQ:            382 13th street, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215