Pet Check Technology™

The New Standard

dogger raises the barcode in pet care and dog walking. We’ve pioneered new standards of accountability and client confidence by creating Pet Check Technology. Pet Check Technology is a proprietary system that provides all parties with real-time certainty that your dog is being taken care of. We do this by using mobile barcode technology, email alerts, GPS tracking, and online tools for accuracy and convenience.

You’ll be able to track GPS coordinates of your dog’s walk, as well as manage your dog-walking schedule through the secure dogger management page online. Automated reporting of arrival and departure times arrive via email, so you can see exactly when your dog was walked.

Mobile Barcode Technology

When you sign up with dogger, a unique barcode containing an individual identification code is created and printed for your residence. We print barcodes on magnet strips and place them on your refrigerator for easy accessibility by our walkers. Magnets should never be removed or misplaced.

Real-Time Certainty™

Our dog walkers are equipped with Pet Check Technology on their mobile devices, enabling them to scan your personalized barcodes. Walkers scan your barcode upon entry and exit, and these scans are processed by the Pet Check Technology server in real time. The barcode information is synchronized to your schedule and is verified for accuracy. You can opt in to receive a real-time email alert each time your walker arrives and departs from your home.

Email Alerts

You can opt in to receive a real-time email alert each time your walker arrives and departs from your home.

GPS Tracking

After you receive your real-time alert confirming our walker’s arrival to your home, you can log on to your secure dogger management page online to track GPS coordinates of your dog’s walk. You’ll never have to second-guess where or how long your dog was walked with dogger’s patented Pet Check Technology system.

Online Tools

Pet Check Technology provides you with a secure, personalized schedule-management page to help you manage your dog-walking schedule. You can view past and future scheduled dog walks, as well as make requests outside of your normal dog-walking schedule, if necessary. Once a request is made for an additional walk, you will receive a confirmation email from dogger within 24 hours.


Clients are responsible for a one-time Pet Check Technology processing charge of $25 when you sign up for service. Activation fee includes Pet Check Technology programming time and printed barcode labels.

Call us today at (929) 324-0364 to sign up for the Real-Time Certainty that you deserve!